What Your Website is Missing

January 27, 2020

What Your Website is Missing

By Landry Jones, Updated: 01/27/20

Since our most recent webinar keynote speaker was such a hit, and we’ve had many requests to have him back, we wanted to take his 3 most simple website tips that any business owner can do to increase lead generation and establish their brand. In case you are not a Mastermind Member yet (Sign Up Here to be a Member: https://sismarketing.com/mastermind?olsPage=t%2Fmemberships) , and you missed our last webinar, our keynote speaker was Evan Islam from Central Station Marketing. He runs their Online Marketing division and specializes in lead generation. Evan has been building successful websites for businesses since 1999. Yes, over 20 years! Now let's get down to what your website is missing!

1.More Pages

Evans first tip to have a successful website is more pages. What he means by pages in when you go to google and you type in your business, how many pages, or options, for your business come up. Evan gave the example of typing in site: Dalworth.com into Google and 3,020 results come up. That means that Dalworth.com will use a large amount of Google page space to rep their business. The more pages you have, the better chance you have of getting leads. You ultimately want to increase the chance of a customer or lead clicking on your website over a competitor. You may be asking yourself, what am I going to put on all these pages? The answer, CONTENT!

2. Content is King

Content, content, content. You can shout the word from the rooftop and still not have enough. Evan’s favorite line is, “Content is King!” And he is right. However, you do not want to fill the pages with unnecessary or irrelevant content just to create more pages. You need to still be adding VALUE to your business in order for it to grow. Some great, and simple, pages you can add to your website, according to Evan are: Meet the Team, Partnerships, Blogs, Newsletters, Reviews, Social Media, Events Calendar, Customer Success Stories, and Jobs Done. You want anyway to spotlight your company, your team, your customers and jobs done. With each of these page suggestions, comes the opportunity for more pages. For example, say you did a ‘Meet the Team’ page, you can create a biography page for each team member that when a customer or lead clicks on their photograph, they can read more about them, including jobs they’ve performed and reviews directly about them. After creating all this content, you need to make sure there are ways for leads to get in touch with you.

3. Ways to Be Contacted

On each of these pages you just created, there needs to be at least one way for a lead to contact you easily. Evan refers to this as, “Your Call to Action.” You want to embed ‘Call to Action’ buttons on each page that either 1) Have a place for their email/phone number for them to submit a request, or 2) Takes the customer to your ‘Contact Us’ page. This is how you are going to get your leads. Yes, eyeballs to your website are fantastic, but you need to think, “How are these translating to leads?”

If you have any more questions about building your website, or other services Evan Islam has to offer, reach out to us at Bfitch@SISmarketing.com , and we will get you taken care of! To watch Evan’s presentation from the last Webinar, sign up here to become a member: https://sismarketing.com/mastermind?olsPage=t%2Fmemberships.

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