What to Expect from Your Equipment Distributor

January 30, 2020

Expect from 
 Equipment Distributor

By Landry Jones, Updated: 01/29/20

Last week, the SIS Mastermind Team welcomed Jody Patterson on our Members Only Webinar. Jody brought great content, including the Top 10 Things to expect from your equipment distributor. A little background on Jody before we dive in, Jody works for WAVE Electronics as National Business Development Manager. WAVE Electronics, out of Houston, Texas, services local and national dealers that span across multiple channels of business that include residential/commercial A/V, and security. Let’s dive into what you should expect from your equipment distributor!

1.Easy Returns

One of the reasons companies get such high reviews is because of the simplicity of their return process. Take Amazon for example. You can return almost anything, within in reasonable standards, and receive a refund to your Amazon account the same day, or to your Credit/Debit Card within 3 business days. It should be no different for your Equipment Distributor. Whether you are returning to a branch or by mail, it should be a simple process.

2. Free Delivery

Your Equipment Distributor should offer Free Delivery on almost every category for you. There may be a price range that has to be met for this, but it should not be difficult to reach on a day to day basis.

3. Onsite Trainings

Your equipment distributor should offer onsite trainings for technicians, sales staff and dealers to learn about vendors or products. Your Distributor, with ample times notice, should be able to put these on for you.

4. Showrooms for Dealers

Being able to come into a working ‘Demo Room’, or showroom, to show a potential client exactly what a product(s) can do not only creates an award-winning experience for them, but creates that professionalism between you, the client, and your distributor. Additionally, the customer is able to experience what they are about to spend hard earned money on, and the showroom offers that level of purchase security.

5. Knowledgeable Sales Staff

You need a sales staff to understand the products you're using and be able to comprehend the problems at hand. The experts at that branch need to also understand what additional products you may need to coincide with what you already have or are purchasing.

6. Service Dealers within 75 miles same day

The not only makes your life simpler but will allow you to provide the best customer service to your customers

7. Fast Will Call Service

You want your service technicians or other employees to be able to go into your distributor and be out the door within 5 minutes with your call ahead, or ‘Will Call’, order. This improves the speed of your services and ultimately betters the experience for the customer.

8. Just in Time Inventory

Dealers rely on their Equipment Distributor to carry the burden of tying capital up in a fully stocked inventory. Your Equipment Distributor should have stocked shelves for what you need as you need it! You should not be waiting 7 days for a part you need.

9. Increased Shopping Speeds

If you did not have time to place your order in advance, or it was a last-minute situation, you should be able to go to your distributer, walk to the shelve where that product is, check out and be on your way. Your equipment distributor should understand that you may need a product on a whim!

10. Easy to Contact

You should easily be able to contact your Equipment Distributor for an issue, will call order or for product support. Your Equipment Distributor should have an email and phone number to contact whether it be Branch specific to your local branch, or to a general support. You need to assure you’re taken care; in the same way you take care of your customers!

You may be thinking, where am I going to find an Equipment Distributor that can offer me all this! Don’t worry! WAVE Electronics has you covered. Reach out to Bfitch@SISMarketing.com, and see what Mastermind Member specific discounts we can offer you with WAVE Electronics.

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