6 Best Dealer Practices to Grow Your Business

February 29, 2020

6 Best Dealer Practices to Grow Your Business

By Landry Jones, Updated 2/28/20

One of our most popular Webinar segments was with Scott Johnson from Alarm.com. Scott shared the 6 best products, tools and practices to grow your business fast. Scott stated that they gathered hundreds of Dealers and Technicians and asked, “What makes a customer sticky?” These 6 Best Practices for Service Industry Dealers and Professionals are what they came up with..

Verifying Email

This is self-explanatory, but getting an email is a must. This is your way of following up with your customers and ensuring they’re having a good experience, as well as the chance to sell more products and/or services.

Mobile Contact

Again, the cell phone contact is the same as the email. With a phone number, you also have the chance to send push notifications to their phone as a text message.

Arming Reminder

This is having your customer set up a reminder while you are on-site (in-home) with them. Reminding them to use your services will keep them sticky.

Geo Device

Geo-Services is an opt-in Alarm.com feature that does helpful things around your house when you're leaving home or on your way back. If your customer forgets to lock up, no problem! Geo-Services can take care of it, but you must ensure they have it set up before you leave.

Advanced Device

This is simply setting up an additional service like a lock, garage door opener, lift-master, etc. You always want to be selling your customers more. Not only to make the sale but to offer VALUE!

To watch Scott’s full video from the Webinar, click here!

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