14 Reasons To Love The Mastermind Membership

February 14, 2020

14 Reasons To Love The Mastermind Membership

By Landry Jones, Updated 2/14/20

Happy Monday!

1. Targeted to the Service Industry

You'll love the Mastermind Membership is customized for the Service Industry. CEO Todd Fitch, and the SIS Marketing Team, got their start in the Security space, and have 50+ cumulative years of experience. We know there are several platforms out there to ‘Grow Your Business’, but none made for the Service Industry.

2. ALL Service Industry Professionals Welcome

Although we got our start in the Security space, the Mastermind Membership is for ALL Service Industry Professionals. Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, Security, AV, HVAC, Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Marketing, E-Commerce, Sales, the list goes on and on. The Mastermind Membership joins together professionals from all spaces and business stages, who share the same aspiration, SUCCESS.

3. It’s Affordable

The Mastermind Membership is ONLY $75/month. That’s less than a cup of coffee a day. It is going to be the easiest decision you ever made for your business. Most platforms offering the same VALUE as SIS Mastermind, costs upwards of $1,000/month. Make the simple decision to Grow Your Business while Saving Money!

4. Hand-Picked Partners

We have hand-picked all of our Mastermind Partners. We don’t want to bring just any company into our network. We want to ensure that Partner is brining VALUE to our Members. Our Partners need to bring content, insight and special pricing for Mastermind Members. Mastermind Partners range from Marketing to Collections services. Check out our website for the full list of Mastermind Partners!

5. Lead Generation

Is it leads you’re looking for? We got you covered with the Mastermind Membership! We help analyze your current lead generation process and fill in the gaps with products, tools and knowledge to get you to the next level. Many of our Mastermind Partners focus on Lead Generation, so you’re in good hands!

6. CEU Credits

Do you or your employees need Continuing Education Credits? We have a Partnership for that! CEU Credits can become a pain, but with the Mastermind Membership, we make it easy to stay up to date with your credits!

7. Equipment & Distribution

Equipment and Distribution special pricing is what many of our Mastermind Members come to us for. With our large network of Mastermind Partners and connections, we can help you with any business need. Some of our Special Pricing Equipment & Distribution Partners are WAVE Electronics, LUX Technologies, and Dealer Ally.

8. HR, Accounting, Legal, IT, Collections….

We offer our Mastermind Members various other Partnerships that are just as important as Equipment & Distribution, even if they're not the first steps that come to mind. Some of these Partnerships are HR, Accounting, IT, Legal, Insurance, Collections, Marketing and Website Positioning. We have a Partner for every business need! Check out all of our Partners Here!

9. Networking

Are you looking to make business connections? You’re in the right place! The SIS Mastermind Membership brings Service Industry professionals together in many of our events and social media groups to help professionals learn and grow their businesses. Every one of our members as something different to offer, and if there is something specific, you’re looking to gain, you’ll find it in the Mastermind network!

10. Coaching & Mentoring

With our 50+ cumulative years of service industry experience, we have the expertise needed to aid you in growing your business. Our Mastermind Members have access to Todd Fitch, The SIS Mastermind Team and our Mastermind Members 24/7. Okay, well maybe not 24/7, but you get the point! We are here to help you through big and small business decisions. Tell us your business’ pain points, and we’ll get you on the right path!

11. Mastermind Webinars

Our Mastermind Webinars are a huge hit! We host live webinars every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, exclusive to Mastermind Members. Each webinar has two key-note speakers that deliver content REQUESTED by our Mastermind Members. That’s right! We don’t just throw out any content to fill the gaps, we are INTENTIONAL with what we offer our Members. Some of the topics have been Social Media Tips, How to Upgrade Your Website, Products and Tools You Need, and How to Recruit & Train. In the end, our Mastermind Mission is to help Members grow their businesses!

12. Blogs & Newsletters

We have no short of content here at SIS Marketing! We deliver weekly Blogs and monthly Newsletters that again deliver content requested by our Mastermind Members. Check out our Blog here!

13. Community & Culture

We’re building a community of Service Industry professionals that are like-minded and strive to grow their businesses. There is a culture where Members feel valued, inspired and motivated to succeed! Sign up here to join our Mastermind Community!

14. We’ve Been There

We’ve been in your shoes and know how to help you at any stage you’re at! We can help you select a distributor, hire employees, build your website and social media presence, aid your entry and exit strategy and much, much more! Our CEO, Todd Fitch, has built and sold two companies in the service industry, let him help you Grow Your Business!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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