10 Things Todd Would Have Liked When Starting His Businesses

February 26, 2020

6 Best Dealer Practices to Grow Your Business

By Landry Jones, Updated 02.26.20

Todd Fitch shared a video on our social media yesterday covering things he wishes he would have had when he started any of his businesses. We offer resources for all of your business needs because if Todd wishes he would have had them, then we know you NEED them! Check out the 10 things Todd Would Have Liked When Starting His Businesses below.

1. Virtual IT Assistance

We cannot count on our hands how many people we hired and then had to fire because they had the opposite of the Midas touch. That’s why we partnered with Nevarian! Nevarian is owned by Anthony Bolognese, and IT Consulting Expert, with 20 plus years of industry experience. He specializes in Web-based Software Application Development, Project Management, and Accounting and Business Management Software. His experience includes Outsourced IT, IT Consulting, Telemarketing, Call Centers, Accounting, Commercial and Residential Construction, Property Management, Real Estate, Automotive, Home Security and Automation and Public Housing Authority. Want to learn more about our Partnership with Nevarian,check it out here!

2. Human Resources Platform

This is another service that is difficult to have in-house when starting a small business. That’s why we wish we knew about VICTIG back in 2007! VICTIG offers background, drug, education and credit screenings at amazing rates for our Mastermind Members. They Guarantee Superior Quality, Better Customer Service, Quicker Turn Around Time and Decreased Cost. If we would have had this platform at the beginning of our journey, it would have saved Todd a lot of time and money. Learn more about our Partnership with VICTIG here!

3. Special Equipment and Distribution Pricing

Oh, don’t we wish we would have had special pricing when we started our businesses! After being in the service industry for 12 plus years, Todd decided when he started SIS Marketing that special pricing would be a priority for his members. We now partner with several companies that offer special equipment and distribution pricing for our Mastermind Members. From WAVE Electronics to Avantguard, we have a resource for any business need. Find out more here!

4. Someone Who Could Get Me on 1st Page of Google Ranking

Not only did we not understand what all went into building a website but were oblivious to google page rankings. It’s even more difficult nowadays to get on Google page one because of paid advertisements. This is why we brought in Evan Islam, with Central Station Marketing, to the SIS Mastermind Membership. Central Station Marketing offers Custom Website Design, SEO & SEM Strategy, Keyword Optimization, Link Building, Call Tracking/Recording, Automated Review System & Local City Page Creation. Learn more about Central Station Marketing here!

5. Lead Generation Automation

Lead generation, what we all want. Todd will tell anyone it took him over 10 years to be producing leads from his website and social media. He knows he they would have had the resources we do now, that that would have happened at day one. The resource we offer our Mastermind Members for Lead Generation is GFunnel. GFunnel can essentially offer you anything from social media automation to an automated orientation to mass lead generation. Our Mastermind Members tell Cam and his GFunnel Team their end goals, and he works magic. No, really! It’s magic! Todd was able to connect with 200 people on LinkedIn in one weekend. All from an automated campaign. Find out how to work smarter, not harder here with GFunnel!

6. Social Media and Reputation Management

Social Media and Reputation Management are the way of the world today. And although we did not need it in the beginning as much as we do now, the resources we offer our Mastermind Members are crucial for growth in today’s age. We offer our Mastermind Members social media management through GFunnel and Reputation Management through Podium. Podium is a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their customers the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights. Learn more about our partnership with Podium here!

7. A Mentor/Coach to answer any and all questions

If you ask any Fortune 500 CEO, they will tell you when starting a business, you should find a mentor and/or coach to be there for you every step of the way. That’s why we designed the SIS Mastermind Membership! Todd Fitch and the SIS Team are here to mentor and coach you every step of the way. You can even lean on our hundreds of Mastermind Members to answer any and all questions you have because everyone is in the Service Industry and experiencing the same pains as you. We’ve been there, let us guide you to intentional growth!

8. Network to connect with other small business owners and service industry professionals

We mentioned this above, but it’s too important not to share again. Todd has established a network of Service Industry professionals who are all seeking intentional growth. We have social media communities, LinkedIn and Facebook so that you can connect with members and learn from one another. Members share pain points, goals, market changes and much more in our communities so that not only can Todd chime in, but that they can hear from other Mastermind Members. This community and network are something Todd wishes he would have had from day one. It would have gotten him to where he is now, a lot sooner.

9. Collections Services

When we first heard about Hillcrest Davidson and their collections services, we laughed and said we’d never need this service. Oh boy, were we wrong! Utilizing Hillcrest’s collections services was a game-changer for our business. Hillcrest Davidson guarantees there’s no debt that’s not collectible. Their residential and commercial collection services keep money in your pockets and your customers current with active contracts. Check out more about our Mastermind partnership with

Hillcrest Davidson here!

10. Consumer Finance Agreement

Consumer financing is when a business offers financing to its customers with help from a professional finance company. This allows your consumer to pay for a good or service they couldn't pay for upfront in cash or credit card. Consumer finance is helpful for both businesses and consumers. Offering your customers, consumer finance options give your business an edge and allow you to outsell your competitors. Also, you can make more money using consumer finance, as your customers can buy more than they would if they had to pay upfront. Want to learn more about our consumer financing resources?Email us here!

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