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Todd Fitch

Chief Executive Officer and Mastermind Mentor

Todd Fitch is a husband and father first, and an Entrepreneur second. Todd LOVES the grind, he lives for it. He learned early on that school wasn't going to teach him what he needed to live the kind of life he wanted. Recently Married, he left school and moved to Dodge City, Kansas to take an opportunity to have someone pay him grown up money to learn grown up business. He stayed with that company for 5 years, moved to several cities, managed several fortune 500 clients, and by the time he left he was Head of Sales, living in Denver, making good money and had a bright future in the corporate world. Not good enough!

No matter how close he was with the owners/board members, no matter how many times he was promoted, the obvious truth was it would never be his. He always knew he was born to have his own business. An opportunity arose to join his brother in growing Point Security. After a series of twists and turns in the early days, they relocated the business to Austin, TX, where they have now been for over 10 years. In 2019, Todd sold Point Security to ONIT Home Service out of Dallas, Texas. During his time at Point Security however, he was the acting President and CEO for 12+ years, where he oversaw the installation of 20,000 resi pannels in Texas alone, while expanding the business into the Commercial, Automation, and Fire space.

In 2015, Todd started another business to complement the work they were doing in the security space. This is where LUX Technologies was born. LUX manufactures security equipment specific to the CCTV/Video space. With a mindset of ease and functionality coupled with mass distribution through Wave Electronics, LUX has in a short time taken a large market share away from the competition. Todd recently sold LUX Technologies to WAVE Electronics, a mass distributer out of Houston, Texas.

Of course Todd did not stop here. In 2018, SIS Marketing was born in an effort to to guide other businesses to achieve elevated growth and success in the Service Industry, utilizing tools and connections Todd and his team have acquired over the years. In addition, Todd and his team launched the SIS Mastermind program in 2019 to create an experience for Service Industry CEO's. Todd wanted a platform that would allow mentorship, coaching, networking, discounts on various business needs and exclusive content that ultimately would help grow businesses.

Todd Fitch
Todd Fitch

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